The Church of the Sacra Famiglia


OK, so not at all hospitality, but I have been in awe of this building for a long time. It’s all about the ceiling. The vibrations of concentric overlapping and ascending circles and partial domes creates such an amazing void with real solid presence. I can’t imagine the complexity of the construction. All in cast concrete. but then again, the Italians are the master of concrete, which the Romans pioneered.

Church of Sacra Famiglia, Salerno (1969)

Paolo Portoghesi,

Italian architect who was among the first modern Italian architects to turn to historical precedents and away from so-called Rationalism, drawing on Gothic, Baroque, Art Nouveau, and various other styles to influence his buildings, though without direct quotations. The Church of the Sacra Famiglia, Salerno (1968–74), incorporated complex interlocking circular elements. For me it is very much a contemporary Baroque study, or rather baroque simplified, then put on steroids.









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