one55 fitness

One55 (19)Hotel operators and owners are becoming increasingly aware of the added value a well-appointed fitness centre has to their facilities. Particularly for some business travellers whom choose hotels which allow for a continuity of their healthy lifestyle. As many city hotels are promoting their offer experience as a resort, so too they need to encapsulate the all-inclusive lifestyle experience.

One55 (09)

I am currently working on a number of health lifestyle projects. One being a small stand alone gym pavilion on a roof top garden for a Sydney city hotel and the others being large scale health clubs for a well known global brand. It’s always good to draw on past experience to remind oneself of lessons learnt and compare to current trends of the always evolving fitness fads. So here I am presenting a fitness centre I designed and project managed in 2007 whilst at Altis Architecture, One55 Fitness in western Sydney.

One55 (02

For this project a new dedicated lift and entry atrium to the third floor space, was created to separate members form the other hospitality patrons of the large club.

One55 (05)The 4500 square metres of space had decent ceiling heights which suited large floor plates required for training and cardio areas and allowed a mezzanine level for group training studios. Large-scale dynamic graphics by Helen Punton were a kinetic linking mechanism throughout, and illuminated floating rhomboidal forms enlivened the entry experience.

One55 (08)

The corridor to the change rooms takes members past a thumping cardio space and the banded floor, wall and ceiling wrap over warm-hued patterning creates a rhythm within the structural columns and beams to invigorate members for a kick arse workout! One thing I learnt on this project is that vibrant yellow and orange paint colours require at least 5 coats.

One55 (30)

An additional cardio area was provided in a more secluded area on the mezzanine for shy or more self-conscious members.

One55 (06)

To go with healthy lifestyle, a health café is necessarily paired with the exercise regime, as does child minding facilities, so full-time parents can take advantage of non peak periods.

Photos by David Curzon

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