Time to have some fun. I like when design isn’t always taken so seriously. Some hotel rooms are unforgettably frivolous or dramatic and make for a night or weekend of sheer fantasy and escape. Here is a random collection.


I can imagine what entertaining words and images the housemaids find on the blackboard!


QT Rydges Hotel, Sydney, by G+A Design. Lots of rich patterns and details to keep you entertained.

QT girls

The Girls at the front door of QT Sydney, taking the theatrics to the street. I cycle past this hotel to work every day. They are always there. Very Fifth Element!

Picture 033

Super-graphics and bold carpet at Mercure Treasury Gardens, Melbourne, by  WMK Architecture.


Sheraton on the Park Sydney. A bold move for a penthouse suite.

Maison Moschino Frankenstein 02-2010

Maison Moschino, Milan, where fashion is the theme.


A bit like a nightclub – Una Hotel Vittoria, Tuscany.


Overscaled classic, yet minimal and calming- Art Hotel Blaue Gans, Salzburg

hotel puerta America-Madrid 99

The dramatic Hotel Silken Puerta America-Madrid – 10 floors of 10 different designs.

hotel puerta America-Madrid pp

Hotel Puerta America, Madrid – superbly zen.

hotel puerta America-Madrid pppp

Hotel Puerta America, Madrid – Ron Arad suite.


hotel puerta America-Madrid

Love the idea of waking up to a visual feast on the ceiling – Hotel Puerta America, Madrid


Hotel Puerta America, Madrid – White Zaha.


The intense patterns of Hotel Vincci Via 66, Madrid.

4345_maison_moschino_0152403 4345_maison_moschino_0152409

Love a bit of theatre.

4345_maison_moschino_0152411 4345_maison_moschino_0152420

The four whimsical rooms above, all from Maison Moschino, Milan.


Sophisticated, yet a strong personality at Hotel Topaz, Vienna.

Hotel Paris, St Tropez 8


Funky retro Marimekko at Hotel Paris, St Tropez.


A more demure suite at Hotel Paris, St Tropez.

dar darma dar_darma_marrakech-morocco

Serious luxury and theming at Dar Darma, Marrakech, Morocco.


Maison Moschino, Milan. – cloud room

la_stanza_petali---life_is_a_bed_of_roses_maison_moschino maison_moschino_la_stanza_di_alice2

A bit more silliness form Maison Moschino.


Not great if you have had a too many shandies.

sources: hotel websites, escarpio

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