the House Hotel-Istanbul Nisantasi 2

Time to take a look at an elegantly subdued and very stylish hotel from one of my favourite designers, Autoban. The House Hotel in the fashionable shopping district of Nisantasi, Istanbul, Turkey is a 44 key boutique hotel over 5 floors.

the House Hotel-Istanbul Nisantasi 3

Many of the signature pieces from Autoban’s own furniture collection are featured in all areas of this hotel. The Throne chair, Reedy Bookcase and Magnolia pendant light appear throughout. The material palette is very simple – oak floors, timber and rattan furniture, combined with  donkey colour leather and beige marble.

the House Hotel-Istanbul Nisantasi 10the House Hotel-Istanbul Nisantasi barjpg

the House Hotel-Istanbul Nisantasi 4

The rigour of the design concept is carried through all areas with the repetition of the staggered timber framed wall panels with integrated recessed lighting slots. The mix of timber and marble cloud shaped “Daisy Table” tops, is a nice play on materials, integrating the bathroom cladding and offsetting the orthogonal geometry of the wall panels.

the House Hotel-Istanbul Nisantasi 6

Glass box wardrobes means you can admire your latest fashion purchases, and you won’t forget to pack all your fancy rags when you leave. (A big fear of hotel guests is leaving possessions behind when racing for an early flight).

the House Hotel-Istanbul Nisantasi 7

I love a floating bed and admire a hotel that chooses to opt out of the usual big lump double ensemble.

the House Hotel-Istanbul Nisantasi 8

The width of the guest room allows for both the bed and the sofa to be directly in front of the TV. The height of the TV is perfect.

the House Hotel-Istanbul Nisantasi 13

Continuing the same wall panelling proportion with a change of inset finish in the bathrooms is a smart move, with vanities oriented so natural light  from the room fall on the guest’s face when facing the mirror. I love the old tech and elegance of the venetian blinds to create privacy in the glass box – I bet housekeeping have a good ol bitch about this feature.

the House Hotel-Istanbul Nisantasi gym.jpg

You can keep up with your fitness routine in the beautifully invigorating gym with an abundance of natural light.

the House Hotel-Istanbul Nisantasi terrace deluxe

the House Hotel-Istanbul Nisantasi 14 Rooftop terrace suites – I could stay for a week here.

the House Hotel-Istanbul

Not your typically sterile hotel meeting room. More hotels nowadays are realizing the add on benefit of appealing corporate facilities with all the expected AV and technology required for business meetings. The corner recessed light slot nicely separates the planes of the four walls.

the House Hotel-Istanbul Nisantasi 22jpg

Photo source; The House Hotel website


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