The Bucket List, Bondi Beach is a venue with a broad appeal, as an all day to late night venue, attracting swathes of differing peeps from families in the day to Bondi Hipsters when the sun goes down.

bucket list-jcondon 1

For a city with so much coastline and harbour frontage, Sydney has very few bars, cafe’s or accessible restaurants with a water view. Most are upmarket fine dining restaurants. With local resident and entrepeneur, Andy Ruwald’s vision, the Bucket list is helping change all that, with a non intimidating casual atmosphere where all feel welcome. It has also bought life back into the old Bondi Pavillion building, which has been struggling for identity and meaning to the greater community for tens of years.

bucket list-jcondon 3 bucket list-jcondon 4

Its engagement with the beach and the promenade speaks for itself, but what I find really charming are all the internal spaces, layered with texture, the nooks and crannies that have a feeling they have evolved over many years. The place opened late 2011!

bucket list-jcondon 5

The grumpy looking tortoise sculpture confronting patrons heading to the dunnies, was exhibited in Sculpture by the Sea.

bucket list-jcondon 2

Whitewashed timber, crab pot pendants and classroom style chairs are the common thread that tie in all the little quirky surprises.

bucket list-jcondon 6

What’s a beach bar without a few surf boards?

bucket list-jcondon 10 bucket list-jcondon 12

Random funky clutter gives it the unpretentious vibe of a true beach shack.

bucket list-jcondon 13

Day slips into night, locals meet up, strangers share tables and talk nonsense, under influence of good vibes from negative ions stirred up by the ocean.

bucket list-jcondon 14

Its also my local! Pretty lucky hey!

bucket list-jcondon 16

photo sources; Justin Condon and Sydney Social101

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