Aliey Ball, Artist


Aliey Ball’s fluid, organic works could easily remind one of liquid forms, coral like organisms, floral stamens or frozen moments of ever-changing energy forms. Clearly very connected to nature.


Dibiont – Modified gypsum, epoxy resin, glass fibres and automotive paint


Inter-inanimate, “.. is a furthering of my inquiry into the human-nature relationship via interconnectedness. By bringing the body of the artist in a sensual, at times erotic, union with the objects of art, the artist infers an intimacy exists between the soft human body and inanimate objects.” Aliey Ball.


Spinozas Heart – steel wire, epoxy and paint. Like exploding droplets of liquid.



Murray River – water colour and pencil


Warrun Wyett – oil on Canvas

ball-aliey-mangrove theory

Mangrove theory. A recent piece,in bronze with flax weavings. Indigenous weaving techniques shown to the artist by Wurundjeri Elder, Ian Hunter, were combined with European craft techniques.


Tribion.  Aliey Ball is currently appointed to the role Gallery Curator for Skin Gallery, an initiative of the Skin & Cancer Foundation and Arts Access Victoria and Arts Development Officer at Arts Access Victoria.

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