evolving spaces-the writer’s lounge room


Designed spaces rarely remain exactly as the creator intended for very long. Evolving operational and functional requirements often catalyse subtle changes in how people move through space. So do the people using spaces end up dictating the natural flow of movement in a hospitality environment.

This post studies how one space, My lounge room, has evolved over 7 years, through design choices, seasons, changing taste and homeware shopping! Starting in 2008 and ending in July 2015, these images are a peek into my own personal, coastal taste in my beachside pad in Bondi, Sydney. The pic above from 2008, is rather humble as I enter the crazy Sydney seaside property market, showcasing a large charcoal drawing by myself and a painting by Cynthia Breusch –  a wonderful gift for my 40th


The Drawing was replaced with an abstract nude oil on canvas by Peter Bonner. A much coveted piece by a lot of my friends. A table and rope poufs appear.


Occasional furniture is rearranged and I do my first large oil painting in years, for a special person,  to satisfy my creative juices. A Blesbok skull with leather mask is acquired. The summer Argentinian Brindle cowhide arrives. Getting all beasty, with a ouch of cyan.




IMG_3133 5

PB’s painting takes pride of place once the commissioned painting is passed on. Greenery abounds with the advent of spring, and a reindeer hide finds it’s place over the sofa, becoming the ideal pet. No feeding, no pooing and not vet bills.

As my home evolved, so must the owner. I write this post as I await the boarding of my flight to my new career move in the Northern Hemisphere, working for LW Design Group in Dubai and Hongkers. The nostalgia is replaced with excitement of working on the new Raffles in Shenzhen. . . . .

One response to “evolving spaces-the writer’s lounge room

  1. Congratulations Justin, sounds like a wonderful and exciting new gig, all the best, and look forward to some northern hemisphere posts!

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