understated elegance, the istanbul edition


This is rare example of a sublimely elegant result using only a tonal mix of very similar metallic beige, cream and bronze hues with carefully chosen natural materials. The effect is instantly calming yet proudly sophisticated. The combination of horizontal stone textured walls, vertical lines, directional vein cut travertine floors and herring bone Rosewood panels and lustrous but subtle metallic upholsteries is a clever combination to make a neutral pallete actually dramatic.


Incredibly deliberate and staged, many moments have the formality of a classic Roman or Greek space.


The Edition hotel on the European side of Istanbul is Marriott’s partnership with boutique hotelier Ian Schrager opened in 2011 Designed by Gabellini Sheppard  Associates, the  15-story tower features 78 guest rooms, and also includes a  hammam-inspired spa, designed by HBA.


It is very hard to get such a typically  5 star hotel neutral pallete really sing like this does. Its all about the subtlety of the velvety, metallic and linen textures and of course the indirect lighting.


Of course proportion is everything combined with the tactile glamour imbues a subdued charm.

Edition-7 Edition-10 ESPA-at-the-Istanbul-Edition  Classic Turkish Hammam sauna.


Gabellini Sheppard CDFA EX

An exhibition project by Gabellini Sheppard CDFA exhibition.

Photo sources from the Hotel’s website and CDFA.

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