Crystal Club

crystal club-blainey north 1

All that shimmers, glistens and refracts are the driving ideals behind the Crystal Club in Crown Casino Towers, Melbourne. A sense of old school, restrained luxury permeates the club lounge, exclusively for guests of the hotel suites. Its not that new, but pretty timeless. Classic luxury just doesn’t date. Designed by Blainey North a few years back, I worked on leading the documentation package and seeing it through to construction.


The mirror crystalline shards on the glazed entry wall creates a dazzling illusion of space behind reflected, cut up with slivers of the space about to be entered. The custom crystal and mirror chandelier is the centrepiece on arrival to the double height reception lobby. And boy, that took a while for the boys to install.


crystal club-blainey north 2

One of the challenges of this project was having to work with existing, heavily classical ceilings, timber wall panelling and much of the furniture, yet give the space a dramatically new lease of life. So to avoid eclecticism, the new custom furniture, light fittings and carpet had classic lines strongly linked to the crystal cross theme, while hinting at twenties sophistication.


crystal club-blainey north terrace 3

crystal club-sodishy

The most enjoyable aspect of the project was the design and construction of a new awning for the terrace. Illuminated ceiling recessed coffers begged for the opportunity of backlit decorative screens to tie in the crystalline geometry, marrying back to the internal lounge areas. The simplicity of the grey and white palette, really allowed the fresh greenery to be the hero.


crystal club-wotif2

Photos from Blainey North and Wotif Websites, and a couple of mine.

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