The View Hotel Brisbane is a boutique hotel, of a group of 3 View Hotels in Australia, which has recently completed a make over, with my good self at the helm keeping it on course. So forgive me if I am a bit biased, but I will try and be objective. View Hotels engaged WMK Architects to update the hotel public areas and 93 rooms of the 7 story hotel situated on a bend in the Brisbane River at well heeled suburb of Hamilton.

The brief was to maintain the old world feel of the hotel, so as not to ostracise current patrons, whilst opening up arms to the expanding Valley and Newstead cluster of inner urban, Brisvegas-Brisnyland hipness. So it was more of a shift, than a radical facelift.

A brief setter was that almost all of the existing furniture was to be reused and refurbished throughout the public areas and guest rooms. It was all well built Australian hardwood Colonial Victorian style, so it was stripped down, re-stained chocolate and re-upholstered.  Even the couches (meh), were stripped bare to the timber and rebuilt, locally. A good example of responsible reuse. All of the original and recent FF&E was procured with local Queensland trades, suppliers and materials. The origiinal Chesterfields weren’t touched or harmed in the process.

Florence Broadhurst  [Aussie Queenslander design Icon] “Paris” pattern was used under licence to create customised wallpaper and rugs for the lobby areas. Check out her life! What a woman!

Most of the rooms are more like junior suites in generosity. The existing carpet was also a stayer and we had two types. So we had 2 schemes for guestrooms and corridors. The mock-up Hamptons room concept that Wendy Lynch secured the client with, set the classic tone for all others areas, where Doris Swaires and I referenced various classic European hotels for a rich and varied experience. This project has more pattern than I have ever used before as we engaged in a little war to overpower the existing carpet. All custom wallpaper from Sparkk in guestroom levels.  Artworks were selected by Suzanne Geiss Gallery in New York and added a playfulness to the security of a traditional style.

I often got an eastern corner room where I enjoyed being woken by the sun rising over the river to start my day with a river walk.

The management and staff at the hotel were a pleasure to work with, and one of the great things about boutique hotels is a sense of pride staff have for the unique establishment they keep.

Photos by Justin Condon

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