speakeasy bars

Bathtub-Gin-Bar-New-York-008 a

Every era has it’s sub-styles and alternate movements. The 1920’s America Prohibition style bars have been gaining popularity across the globe. Cosy, dark, textural, intimate and secretive. Perfect for a winter warmer. Bathtub Gin Bar New York above.

baxterinn05Baxter Inn, Sydney. Find it down an old carriageway, turn right and down past the rubbish bins. Policy is, “Absolutely no bookings, functions, or door list, everyone welcome.” I respect the way the staff look the part.


Baxters Inn. Its all about layers of antique nick-nacks and worn authentic finishes.

18th Bar Houston

18th Bar, Houston, Texas


Bourbon Branch, San Francisco


Busted! Game over.



Evans and Peel Detective Agency, New York.  Is the rise in popularity because patrons are getting nostalgic for authentic layered spaces, or the discovery of a hard to find exclusive venue or the guilty pleasure in feeling like you are part of something forbidden?

Old Town Bar, 1892 near Park Avenue,Old Town Bar, from 1892 New York, Pre Speakeasy

palmer-and-co-030-482x298 Palmer-Co-2 PalmerCo-016

The original, stripped back vaulted ceilings are perfect for the underground feeling.


The very Stylishly done, Palmer and co, Sydney, above the Tank Stream, the first ever drinking hole for the First Fleet and early colony, (water that is).


Not selling too much lemonade today.


Stand up for your rights!

lily-hong kong 6

lily-hong kong

Lilly, Hong Kong, exotic refined version.

rubys house london

Ruby’s House London, great walls.


Rough and raw, The Mayor of Scardy Cat Town. Love the name.

walrus1 walrus-4teatdrinkwalruscluba77


Walrus Bar, Brisbane. Underneath the Historic Regatta Hotel. Recent addition since being submerged in the 2011 floods


Sophisticated Ranstead Room Philadelphia.



Hooray, Beer!

 water-tower-speakeasy_S0A2124 water-tower-speakeasy_S0A3127


Secret Water tower Speakeasy in NYC, see below. What a hoot!

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