serrated-yufutoku restaurant


This narrow little Tokyo Soba noodle house is a dramatic incursion to the street façade. Only the width of a truck, it manages to be organically fluid, yet scary aggressive. Designed by Issho architects, Yufutoku Restaurant pushes the boundaries of design whilst remaining traditionally Japanese.

isshoarchitectsyufutokurestaurant6 isshoarchitectsyufutokurestaurant8

The rippled wooden louvres that form the façade remind me of a serrated bread knife, ripples in sand or the surface of a turbulent ocean. I love the idea of a continuous texture as a building façade and the glowing light from the interior beyond creates an incredible dimension.

isshoarchitectsyufutokurestaurant9 isshoarchitectsyufutokurestaurant10

The interior of the restaurant is a much softer play on the theme, with a pallete of only three finishes. Much like a crab – spikey outer shell and soft white flaky inside. I love crab meat, but can’t be bothered with the effort to seek it out.

isshoarchitectsy-photo-Koichi Torimura

photos-Koichi Torimura

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