Brinsmead’s Pharmacy


On a recent visit to Melbourne I came across the incredibly well-preserved heritage listed interior of Brinsmead’s Pharmacy in Ripponlea. It is heart warming to know, that in our disposable society, somethings stand the ravages of time.


Built in 1918 by Frederick Damyon, it is a fine example of highly detailed Edwardian style shopfront and interior cabinetry. How did it manage to be preserved and un-butchered? Well, the present owner leased the building in 1938 and then acquired it in 1958.


The elliptical stained glass dome over the counter is quite a unique detail. There are four other spherical domes as well.

Brinsmead-sodishy4 Brinsmead-sodishy5 Brinsmead-sodishy6 Brinsmead-sodishy7

I bought some flowers for my dear friend I was on my way to visit.

Photos by Justin Condon

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