restaurant & Bar awards part 2

Armani Bamboo Bar, by MBLD 1

Here is part 2 of my favourites, (and some that just stand out), from the shortlisted International Restaurant and Bar Design Awards hosted in London on 12th September 2013. Above is Armani Bamboo Bar, by MBLD. Typically Armani with beige, greige, muted timber and light stone, with square edges only and fine horizontal lines.


This nightclub called simply, Disco, Sao Paulo, Brasil by Mauricio Arruda & Guto Requena, feels like the inside of a machine with its fine grid of LED lights and cabled couches.

Gulla__HYDE_MIAMI_1 heirloom_Canada by Evoke

The above two are not my faves, but stand out. The complex curves of Hyde Bar, Miami by Gulla Jonsdottir, has an early 90’s nightclub vibe whereas Heirloom in Canada by Evoke has a mumsy retro 50’s appeal. Ill have a Calliano malted milk thanks.

iberica, London by Contemporain Studio

Lots of Spanish texture and patterns in this wonderful old shop front aptly called Iberica in London by Contemporain Studio.

Ikebana, Spain by El Equipo Creativo

The complexity of the organic sculptural timber veneer ceiling ribbons must have been a head bender for the builders at Ikebana, Spain by El Equipo Creativo.

Il_Milione, Hong Kong, by into

The low ceiling is almost an art installation reflected in all the glass surfaces with the space softened by pleated satin wall linings at Il Milione, Hong Kong, by Into.

IPPUDO_Sydney, by Koichi Takada 2 IPPUDO_Sydney, by Koichi Takada IPPUDO_Sydney

IPPUDO in Sydney, by Koichi Takada is a definitively Japanese styled Noodle house with many traditional references and made so spatially successful by the way the timber slats a lit so that they gently vibrate.

Kaiseki, Singapore lighitng by Asylum 1 Kaiseki, Singapore lighitng by Asylum

I am fond of folded and creased panelling to the bar of Kaiseki, Singapore with Lighting by Asylum. The illuminated origami fish tanks create a punch of vibrancy in contrast to the dark interior. I’m a fan of grouping warm and cool hues separately.

Las Inguanas, Kingston by B3 Designers

Retro feel to Las Inguanas, Kingston by B3 Designers

le Nid, France by Jean Jullien 1le Nid, France by Jean Jullien 7

Gimmicky egg themed le Nid, France by Jean Jullien – Its nice to see peeps in a shot, after all they are social spaces!

little nuffield by Material Creative

The brightly coloured hand made tiles on the coffee counter would be an uplifting way to start your day when getting a coffee at Little Nuffield, Aukland, new Zealand by Material Creative.

Loof, Singapore by Takenouchi Webb 3 Loof, Singapore by Takenouchi Webb

Loof, Singapore by Takenouchi Webb has beautifully lit, lush green terrace and the combination of pattern and textures of the bar work so well; fine strips of timber creating a plaid pattern ceiling, two types of fish scale tiles and richly textured sand blasted stone slab bar front.

MASH Steakhouse, London by herbert & Duncalf

MASH, London by Herbert & Duncalf has a restrained Parisian cruise liner vibe in the deco heritage listed interior of the former Regents Palace Hotel. I love the fluted glass screens between the banquets.

Source; Restaurant and Bar Design awards

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