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Gym concept A_Page_1

As I am currently working on a health club related projects right now, I thought I would share directions that are inspiring and influencing me. One project being a small stand alone gym pavilion on a roof top garden for a city hotel. The above are concept images for a simple, yet dynamic pavilion. The Cor-Ten steel rusted house is by Fergus Scott Architects.Gym concept A_Page_2

I can see a pace to be articulated with a regular rhythm, and feeling like a structure hitching a ride on the roof garden of an urban monolith. Light and views should be controlled. More work here by Fergus Scott Architects.

Gym concept A_Page_4

Simplistic crisp finishes with some natural timber, but no colour. The garden views will provide colour.

Gym concept A_Page_4a

For the large-scale health club, global brand project, I am looking at focusing on how natural and intrinsic it is for human animals to weave exercise into everyday life by referencing cellular and fractal structures found in nature. In nature, everything is interconnected!

Gym concept A_Page_5Gym concept A_Page_6

Wellness Sky fitness centre in Belgrade by 4of7, achieves this concept beautifully. The old 70’s Brutalist style cantilevered former restaurant is the perfect dramatically dynamic building for a fitness centre.

Gym concept A_Page_7Olympic  complex in Athens, Santiago Calatrava'sAgora 3

Moving more towards structured leaf and skeletal forms, I turn my eye to the incredible work of one of my most favourite architects, Santiago Calatrava. he has produced many public buildings around the world, but only one sports complex, the stadium and Agora for the Athens 2004 Olympics.

Gym concept A_Page_8 Gym concept A_Page_9


Calatrava in his work uses natural systems found in plant forms and animal skeletons to determine the expressed structure, negating the need for decorative cladding or elements and thus engaging users as part of the living organism. I would love to use a gym designed by Calatrava.

zz Or bev

“Oooo! look at those guns, Beverley”

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