hip Melbourne watering holes



Visiting Melbourne, mid last week I wandered into a few cool bars, old and new. Melbourne is the home and originator of hip watering holes in Oz. There is always an endless supply of new ones to discover, yet none of the old ones seem to disappear. Does this city have an ever growing thirst? Above is an ol fave of mine, Cookie. (level 1, 252 Swanston St) Its been around forever and I never tire of this beautiful old Edwardian interior, lofty ceilings and European feel.

Emerald Peacock-barcentral2

emerald peacock2-so-dishy 1

emerald peacock3-so-dishy 1

emerald peacock5-so-dishy 1


A relative newcomer, The Emerald Peacock has strutted its stuff on the scene, (1/233 Lonsdale St), offering lots of little areas with different feels over 2 levels. The rooftop space is a winner, with the backdrop of the surrounding buildings. It gets packed, so I’m told! I don’t think peacock feathers are bad luck. love their funky website. Take a look!

Ferdyderke1-So-dishy Ferdyderke2-So-dishy

Another newbee, FerdyDurke, (1/239 Lonsdale St), is your typical Melb’s grunge-rustic spot with the usual discrete – feel like your discovering it yourself-entry, down an alley and up some stairs, but lined with cheery faces.

seamstress1-so-dishy seamstress2-so-dishy

And finally, Seamstress, bar and restaurant, (1/113 Lonsdale St). Pan-Asian menu to the soundtrack of jazz and Blues from yesteryear. The cocktail bar looks like a Chinese laundry, which is befitting of the former textile factory. If heights make your knees tremble, take a deep breath before climbing the rickety stairs. I know someone who tortures herself making the journey, because she loves the food so much.


If you haven’t worked out by now, I never left one city block. Got a few more blocks in the grid to review! I hit the new Virgin Active Health Club the next day to balance things out.

Photos by Justin Condon , with a couple from the venue’s sites.

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