staircase journeys

01-oneoneone_eagle st bris

Designing an exposed staircase for an interior is a great opportunity to create a dramatic focal point. Staircases can be a lively hub for connecting levels, a sculptural, functional architectural element filling a void and a great opportunity for getting the circulation our going and brain energised. I have detailed up a few feature stairs and love working out the mechanics and connections. Here are a few that inspire me. The above stair 111 Eagle St, Bribane by Cox Rayner, twists and turns in a random journey echoing the buttress like roots of the Giant fig tree in the plaza outside.

02-Capco office in New York by Vincent van Duysen

The refined rectilinear purity of this floating stair at Capco office in New York by Vincent van Duysen. Where is the structure? How does it work?


Hamburg’s Generator Hotel’s lively stair for bounding down.


Pure white ribbons connecting all the hospitality zones of the Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel by WMK Architecture.

06-Novy Dvur Monastery, Czech Republic, 2004 - John Pawson

Monastic minimalism of John Pawson’s serene level change  at Novy Dvur Monastery, CzechRepublic.

08-UN Building in Copenhagen 08-UN City, Copenhagen, Denmark

Bold and bulbous, these glossy black bridges connected via stairs, seem like a folly from below but from above create a logical and fluid journey between the segments the star shaped UN City, Copenhagen by 3XN. I love the way the white balconies veer off at different angles.

CASA CUBO-São Paulo, Brazil-ArchitectIsay Weinfeld

Superbly detailed organic prolapsed timber swirl unravelling from a white orifice.  The magnificently crafted beauty looks equally reptilian as it does botanical.  The Casa Cubo, São Paulo, Brazil by ArchitectIsay Weinfeld.

concrete like timber

Very clever formwork and sinuous form giving concrete a timbre essence.

Hilti Training Center by Baumschlager Eberle

Hilti Training Centre by Baumschlager Eberle. The beauty of parallel lines, contrasting finishes and it is completely suspended.

Music Theatre Graz Stairs

What a prissy little thing! Sensuous ,erotic yet highly polished and uptight. Make a grand entrance at Music Theatre Graz – The Scarlet O’Hara of stairs.

Oscar Niemeyer, 1962.

From the recently departed Brazilian Grandfather of the gentle curve, Oscar Niemeyer. Not terribly practical, but hey its still as damn sexy as it was in 1962.

penguin-Cahill Center for Astrophysics-Morphosis Architects

Perhaps for penguins? Cahill Centre for Astrophysics by Morphosis Architects.

resi blue

Nice and simple, cute idea. I’ll bet you feel lighter the higher you go with the gradating blue risers. How many sample pots used here?

sta.Step by step by Ralf Wendrich

Skeletal jawbone form by Ralf Wendrich.

Staab Architekten’s New Museum in Nürnberg

The purity of a spiralling nautilus shell manifested in Staab Architekten’s NewMuseum in Nürnberg.

stair at Theater, Niteroi, Brazil, Oscar Niemeyer 1999, photo by Lynn Davis

Thinks are just going to get a whole lot curvier! Another piece of pure architectural elegance from the master Niemeyer, stair at Theater, Niteroi, Brazil.

Staircase by Andrew McConnell Staircase by Andrew McConnell 2

Very clever and superbly detailed skeletal stair by Andrew McConnell.

staircase. Armani

If were are spiralling out of control, we will get swept up in the incredibly complex organic forms at Armani store, Fifth Avenue by Doriana & Massimiliano Fuksas.


Nice dark swirl. Good enough to eat.

Verstas Architects

The simple elegance of fine vertical lines of the baluster intersecting with the horizontal brick patterning, really float my boat.

Most images from Pinterest.

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