Hotel B Barranco, Peru

Hotel B Peru-So-Dishy 1

Hotel B Peru-So-Dishy15

Hotel B Barranco is an arts-boutique Hotel in the heart of Peruvian bohemian revival neighbourhood, Barranco, historically rich with a great diversity of contemporary art. Love the theatrically styled facade shot, there should be more of this on hotel websites.

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The Andean Experience Company, a tour operator and luxury hotel developer, purchased a previously abandoned 1914 historic Belle Époque mansion. After years of meticulous restoration, it opened in April this year as Lima’s first luxury arts boutique hotel.

Hotel B Peru-So-Dishy 6

Hotel B Peru-So-Dishy7

Some subtle Spanish pieces, fitting of the city’s heritage.

Hotel B Peru-So-Dishy13

Hotel B Peru-So-Dishy 15

Hotel B Peru-So-Dishy8

Hotel B Peru-So-Dishy 5

She features 17 exclusive suites, a private spa and a signature restaurant by Oscar Velarde, one of Peru’s best-know restaurateurs. The hotel is connected by private passageway to one of Barranco’s most important art galleries, Lucia de la Puente, which also supplies the eclectic mix of art for the hotel.

Hotel B Peru-So-Dishy12

Hotel B Peru-So-Dishy 3

Hotel B Peru-So-Dishy 2

Originally built in the style of the Belle Époque, the mansion served as a seaside
retreat during the presidency of Augusto Leguia in the 1920s. Its architectural
features and flair capture the celebratory spirit of Peru’s centennial, which
permeated life in the capital city throughout the era of its construction.

pedro de osama museum

French architect Claude Sahut, who also designed many of Lima’s main avenues, parks, theaters and other public buildings and spaces, was commissioned to design the property as a summer retreat for the Garcia Bedoya family. Construction was completed in 1914. Above, the nearby Pedro de Osama Museum is a great example of Belle Epoque style outside of France.

titilaka 4

titilaka 5

The Andean Experience Company also owns and operates Titilaka Lodge on lake Titicaca. “What’s that woman doing standing in my room staring at me?”

If you are into Belle Époque style, see it revived in a project I worked on, The Conservatory

Photos from the Hotel’s website

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