Soho House and Cecconi’s

Cecconis mayfair 2

Cecconis mayfair

Enzo Cecconi founded Cecconi’s in 1978 in London and it become a critically acclaimed dining destination featuring simply prepared Venetian inspired food. In 2005 Soho House took full ownership.


In 2009, Cecconi’s opened in West Hollywood with a very fresh and relaxed look. The diagonal floor tiles creates an informality and I like the Venetian ceramic patterned fabric on the chairs.

Cecconis weho-Butterfly Room-000011

“Private” Butterfly room, where visibility in, is not so obscured!


The food presentation is very Italian homey, with the mixture of serving plates. As though every one contributed a dish each.


Ceconnis Miami3

Spot the difference between Weho and Miami bars!!!

Ceconnis Miami2

Soho Beach House private hotel opened in Miami Beach in 2010 and the restaurant is open to the public design includes antique Venetian green stripped tile floors, graceful garden dining with Silver Buttonwood trees and a retractable awning for indoor/outdoor dining. Cecconi’s offers an elegant and relaxed dining experience for both members and guests with celebrated executive chef Sergio Sigala at the helm.

Ceconnis Miami5

There certainly is a strong visual identity with the floor, soft green and style of chairs.

Ceconnis Miami4

The celebratory atmosphere is generated by the fairy type lights and abundance of hanging plants. That soft green with the natural finishes adds a real Mediterranean touch.

Ceconnis Miami6

Soho House was founded in London, in 1995, as a private members’ club for those in film, media and creative industries.

The brand has fourteen public restaurants and seven boutique hotels in London, Europe and North America , as well as restaurants, cinemas, spas, Each has its own personality and atmosphere, offering a range of cuisines from classic Italian to modern British.

Images from restaurant websites.

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