Nha Hang Ngon, Saigon

nha hang ngon-sodishy 2a

Set within a heritage colonial villa in District 1, Saigon, (or officially as Ho Chi Minh), is a wonderfully buzzing casual Vietnamese restaurant I discovered on a recent work trip to Vietnam.

nha hang ngon-sodishy 3

nha hang ngon-sodishy 11

I love the massive ceilings, front courtyard full of frangipani trees, internal pool, white French wrought iron balusters, colonial shutters and general lofty spaces. What really gives this massive villa a distinctively colonial feel is the complete lack of glazing and lush tropical plants, that make all areas over the two levels, feel like you are within one big convoluted veranda.

nha hang ngon-sodishy 4

nha hang ngon-sodishy 1a copy

I managed to avoid getting too many people in my shots, but this place is continually humming! I went three times and I couldn’t tell whether there were more staff or patrons, as people were constantly moving all over the place. The service is ultra speedy too.

nha hang ngon-sodishy 7

nha hang ngon-sodishy 6

What’s really great about Nha Hang Ngon (translates to Delicious Restaurant) is the food concept is based on street food stalls, where you can either order from the menu or wanter round the perimeter of the space a see all the fresh ingredients, and watch your meal cooked if you wish. Its a lot more than just an open kitchen.

nha hang ngon-sodishy 8

Photos by Justin Condon

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