The Puli – rooms

puli 6

Puli deluxe-suite-livingroom-2

The rooms at the Puli Hotel in Shangahi have a sophistication that is generated by the fine dark edging defining furniture and wall panels, yet a simple rustication created by the natural and crafted traditional Chinese materials.There is a careful play of fine horizontal lines offset by strong vertical panels, prevalent in all public areas and carried through to the rooms, which is incredibly relaxing, despite its Asian formality.

puli 9

Dragon scale bronze screens references Chinese Mythology and silk sliding panels allow guests to play with the space, thus personalising it.

Puli deluxe-suite-diningroom

Rigorous symmetry references traditional Chinese spatial order with minimal contmporary detailing.

the puli 4

This nod towards old world Shanghai continues in the cast bronze basins to every chair, light fixture and table being inspired by local traditions of craftsmanship. The team of designers (Layan Design Group with Kume Sekkei), behind The PuLi have managed to transform a millennia worth of Chinese design into its most elegant 21st century form.
the puli 12puli-hotel-spa-kume-sekkei 03

The hierarchy of tone and texture of materials, along with black edging defines all objects and planes within space, making all design decisions seem extremely deliberate and meaningful.

the puli 45 the Puli puli-hotel-spa-kume-sekkei 6

The contemporary design is accentuated with historic touches, with every room includes subtle references to the past, whether it is a vase in the lounge area or the lavabo in the bathrooms.

Images from The Puli Website and Pinterest.

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