The Puli

puli 1-hotel-08

The Puli hotel in Shanghai, China has to be one of the most sophisticated hotels to emerge in the last few years. Layan Design Group with Kume Sekkei clearly had the discipline and restraint required to create a contemporary European experience whilst maintaining a distinctly Chinese undertone.

puli 3 shanghai

the puli 8

The 220 room 5 star luxury boutique hotel has a subdued palette consisting of varying shades of brown, white and cream. It is the uniquely Chinese crafted finishes of dark local timbers, cast bronze, air dried clay tiles, grey Shanghai brick and local flamed and handmade stone which creates interest and credibility when used in modern detailing along with other exotics such as Shagreen (stingray) leather.

The Puli 11

Of course it is a lot more than the combination of materials which makes this beige, brown, cream and bronze scheme so luxurious. It is the proportions of the geometry used and the rigor in which similar elements are repeated, that results in such a sophisticated vibe. The tall, extruded rectangles and pipes are highlighted by the dark portals and frames and then intersected by horizontal drum pendant lights. The regularity of repeated forms along with a careful play with symmetry, delivers a formal Asian-fusion resonance. Rhythm is everything.

puli 3

The curve on the chair which is used throughout, softens the strong orthogonal geometry.

puli 2r

The lack of colour is quite relaxing and liberating, yet not bland as most beige hotels, because the contrast of the dark framing creates the drama.

the puli9

The height and proportion of the wall lights, works beautifully.

the puli 7

The only strong colour in the hotel is probably the pool. Next post on the rooms.

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Images from the Hotel website and Pinterest.

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