Romanian Rhapsody

studio Hermes 05

Thirties cabaret meets seventies audition hall in Studio Hermes, a club and restaurant in Bucharest, Romania. Corvin Cristian architect, production designer, art director and event designer has made a prolific impact on Bucharest’s entertainment culture in the last four years, and here is a smattering of the work.

studio Hermes 03

studio Hermes 06

There is a strong energy flow up and down through the void created by the flying cymbals, the wrapped timber balcony ribs, timber slatted walls and the ribbed banquette stitching. The metal finish to the stair baluster intrigues me.

studio Hermes 04

The cymbal lights descending the timber ribbed void are nicely set against the bare concrete soffit lined with copper pipes.


The palette is simple and warm: timber, brass, copper, concrete and concrete coloured velvet.


Bon is a restaurant where walls are adorned with salvaged doors from all over Romania.

energia pub 3energia pub

Energia pub demonstrates his art direction flair with layers achieved with recycled furniture, fittings and lights set against the honesty of paired back textures.

la bonne bouche bistro 2

la bonne bouche bistro

La Bonne Bouche Bistro is a rustic French experience nodding to Bucharest’s fame for being the Paris of the East, right down to the typically French hand painted floor tiles.

laborator cocktail bar 2

Laborator Cocktail Bar references the alchamaic mixing of substances to create something new from the known, with old laboratory benches as the bar, generating the theme. The blue painted ductwork is a great, authentic  ceiling feature.

Lacrimi si Sfinti (Tears and Saints)

Lacrimi si Sfinti

Lacrimi si Sfinti (Tears and Saints), a great name, with a fresh rustic look. Most of the furniture is gathered from various regions of Romania, from Oltenia to Transylvania and mixed with Romanian folk patterns details on the walls.

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All images from Corvin Cristian website.

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