Namaste W hotel


It is not often a new hotel is housed within the envelope of a significantly sculptural new landmark building, as financial feasibility models rarely stack up for developers of expensive iconic hotels. However, broadening rental revenue streams in a mixed use development covers all bases for peaks and troughs, inevitable for various property sectors in the growth of any city. A well-known (or new concept boutique), luxury hotel brand can also add value and glamour by association, to residential, retail and commercial office spaces within one complex.


Following the long tradition of exquisite and decorative Indian Architecture, Starwood hotels will open a W hotel in the new landmark structure for Mumbai, “Namaste Tower”, designed by WS Atkins of Dubai. Thus, an anchor tenant is established as a prestigious drawcard for other tenants.


It will also represent cultural significance to India, as the form of the building is inspired by traditional Indian greeting of “Namaste”, with the hands are clasped together. Reflecting this ancient Indian expression, the two wings of the building come together to represent the ultimate symbol of hospitality, welcoming its guests.


Indian Mehndi ceremonial henna Indian patterns appear as a theme on the building skin in fritted glazing, creating sense of transparency and depth to the building, while maintaining required thermal qualities. People will be seen through, and peer out beyond the henna patterns on the skin. Not just arbitrary patterns, but layers of century old detail to cast shadows onto the interior and its people as the sun moves throughout the day.


To enhance energy efficiency, large-scale canopies support solar thermal collectors, with the potential to provide 12% of the energy required to heat the hot water in the hotel.


This 62-story, 300m high tower, currently under construction, will include a residential, office and retail space with the newest addition to W Hotel franchise on levels 37 to 44. Guided by the imperative to design the circulation areas of the hotel as impressive as the rooms itself, architects created internal gardens, bringing the greenery into the corridors and atrium spaces. On corridor ends an open spaces offer dramatic and framed view over the city.

I am a big fan of the parabolic form. (not so much paisley though.)

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Images from Evolo

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