zaha at kensington

3 The Magazine, London, UK

Here is a new restaurant no doubt raising eyebrows and receiving gafaws around London at the moment. “The Magazine” opened in November, taking up residence in the new addition to the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, Kensington Gardens, designed by Zaha Hadid.

2 The Magazine, London, 2


Very much in the flowing organic style we come to expect of Hadid, it is no shock the contrasting relationship it has with the classical Sackler Gallery in a former 1805 gunpowder store. Hence the military namesake.

4 serpentine-sackler-gallery-designboom-06


Swirling from the ground, undulating up and over the classical military building, barely touching, it also references the tradition the Serpentine has of annually commissioning international architects of worldwide acclaim to design a pavilion on the gallery’s lawn.


In 2000 she was the inaugural architect to create the first Serpentine gallery summer pavilion. First come, first served! I like the way the original concept has been expanded upon. Ironically, Her first permanent structure in London also appears quite temporal, almost like a glossy inflatable plasticised structure.



The five Japanese soup spoon-like columns of the interior penetrate ovoid skylights permitting light to wash down around and within their forms. The cuisine is Japanese influenced. I like the way in such a pristine white environment, the inhabitants become the sculpture more than the dramatic enclosure.

The Magazine London


The smooth chairs in 4 tones mimic the form of the columns, yet Hadid resists the compulsion to be completely curvy and offset all of this with softened angular, irregular rhomboidal table tops. All of the white gloss surfaces have completely negated the need for nasty downlights, hence it is illuminated such as the surrounding gardens are, upwards.

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Images reblogged from Designboom by Luke Hayes.

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