temple club, saigon



On a work trip last month I stumbled upon an enduringly authentic Asian fusion restaurant in Saigon called Temple Club. It is like stepping back in time as the venue is adorned with carefully arranged furniture, curiosities, art and textures to make you feel like a pioneering colonial in the exotic orient.

temple 10 So-dishy

temple 8 So-dishy

Temple Club’s cuisine is a fusion of Vietnamese, Chinese, Khmer, Indian and French. True to all the neighbouring and historical influences of old Saigon, and housed in a former guest house of a Hindu temple.

temple 7 So-dishy

temple 6 So-dishy

temple 5 So-dishy

Right down to the brass cutlery, all details are a feast for the senses. There is a choice of the lounge or dining room, and both have a relaxed, rich opulent feel.

temple 4 So-dishy


temple 11 So-dishy

Like this? See Noble Court

Photos by Justin Condon and Temple Club website

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