inspiration in nature

mimosa 281

When searching for concepts for interior spaces, I often seek inspiration from nature. So here I share with you a few little gems from my summer camping holiday, in the first week of this year on the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales, at Mimosa Rocks and Bournda National Parks.

Above, lush green intricate patterns and luxurious softness at low level.

mimosa 283

Grey on grey vertical and diagonal lines of a Melaleuca forest.

mimosa 286

Melaleuca screen with a floor stripped bare and a view to something inviting beyond.

mimosa 290

Fine carpet of green, offset with striking blue and wiggly lines of dead gums on the lake edge beyond.

mimosa 336

mimosa 335

Rich orange, deep vertical lines and cracks contrasted with completely smooth surfaces of the sand floor and blue ceiling.

mimosa 339

Fractal geometry of diagonal lines with rich ochres, saffron and tangerine.

mimosa 326

Our campsite – a temporal, pop up social space created around a hearth of an open fire, and an outlook to the ever-changing ocean. Bold colours – lime green, red and navy.

mimosa 314

The campsite terrace – for more intimate social opportunities, a signature tree and a Tibetan Prayer flag as an identifying icon.

mimosa 327

The terrace at evening – Pensive, muted colours at sundown for letting the mind wander.

mimosa 028

The repetition of Melaleuca (tea tree), creating a simple corridor on the journey to somewhere special. The journey experience.

mimosa 079

The journey continues with winding, sun-bleached grey timber stairs to a portal in the rock and a reward beyond.

mimosa 204

Soft, washed-out colours of dusk creating a gentle place for grazing kangaroos sharing with people.

mimosa 040

Sacred waterhole for the ritual of bathing and pampering.

mimosa 051

And also a place with a sense of fun and frivolity, inviting interaction. And yes it was cold and very deep.

mimosa 055

Anticipation, tension, risk, release, sensation and reward.

Also note the pastel green lichen on the aubergine and maroon rock.

mimosa 080

Compression and release of space.

mimosa 213

Smooth mirror refection, expanding space.

mimosa 244

Metallic shimmering, glowing amber and gold, emanating light, contrasted with deep green.

mimosa 356

Explosion of fuchsia.

mimosa 400

Jagged forms calmed by the serenity of the ocean at dusk.

mimosa 111

Endless space……………….Oh take me back anytime!

Photos by Justin Condon

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