bamboo structures part II



Also by Vo Trong Nghia is a bamboo dome at the centre of a lake in Binh Duong Province, the” Wind and Water Bar”, which is used as a venue for music performances, local meetings and other events. Although the function of the buildings is a bar, it has its own uniqueness and has become a landmark of urban landscape. It represents not only modernism but also traditions. The bar is now also used for town meetings and other social activities. How nice is that!


Again the furniture! Enough bamboo already…….Doesn’t look comfortable and its fugly.


I like the serene ceremonial stepping stones leading one across the water to this special place, leaving the real world behind. Should be fun leaving after a few drinks on high heels! Note the infinity edge of the pond beyond.


The wooden structure of the building is assembled from lengths of bamboo, which are bound together and bent into arches. The structural bamboo arch system for this dome is 10m high and spanning 15m across. The main frame is made by 48 prefabricated units, each of them is made of several bamboo elements bound together. The building uses natural wind energy and the cool water from the lake to create natural air-ventilation. On the top of the roof there is a hole with a diameter of 1.5m for the evacuation of hot air from the inside.


Clearly evident in this construction shot, is the beautiful structural geometry common in natural plant an animal forms – concentric circles cross braced and connected with overlapping star forms.


Section showing structure and jointing methods.


The two buildings originated from nature. They now merge in harmony with nature. With time they will return to nature. Above is another building, the Dailai Conference hall by the same architects with a fortified front stone wall and bamboo structure beyond. See more here.

Source; Dezeen

Photography by Hiroyuki Oki and construction photograph by Phan Quang

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