catoonify your life

Over the last few years there has been a spate of eclecticism and quirkiness in hospitality design, which is now extending to a lot more playfulness and humour to conceptual approaches, injecting social occasions with uplifting frivolity. Take Stock Coffee in Nis, Serbia, by Arhitektura Budjevac practice, where an otherwise monotonal and resolute canvas is much animated by goofy hand drawn doodles created by artist Jelena Ilic.


If Melbourne’s, The Candy Room by Red design and Valencia’s Piccino by Masquespacio isn’t enough to make just as many grown ups as kidlywinks squeal with excitement, I don’t know what will? ……..MMMmmm, Perhaps the seriously style conscious iconic Melbourne establishment, the Adelphi Hotel’s new refurbishment, will slightly wrinkle even the most tightly pursed-lipped Ednas around town! Milan Dahling Milan!


Now we have a delightfully playful, naive and cartoon-like London design gallery cafe, 19 Greek Street, which has launched a new café that reflects the ethos and design of the gallery. The space has a vibe of a television or theatre set, where the mix n match objects float joyfully in white space. The café aims to act as a hub for design enthusiasts and professionals. The gallery’s eclectic aesthetic is reflected in the café’s interiors, designed by Marc Peridis, Founder of 19 Greek Street.  Just opened in June 2014.

Lighten up and get a bit silly!

Images and info from Pinterest and Fluorodigital

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