Anything but beige

0503 project fox

This hotel in Copenhagen has anything but your standard, safe beige hotel rooms. For the creation of the Hotel Fox, 21 artists were invited to decorate the 61 rooms exactly like they wanted. This resulted in 61 unique pieces of art where everything from carpets to pillows to wall decorations was created specifically for the single room.



The artists come from backgrounds as diverse as electronic music to typography. The styles rage from urban street art and hip hop infused graffiti traditions, retro, minimalist line art, to Manga inspired creations.


Fox-hotel-Copenhagen-denmark-bedroom-3-1000x642 Fox-hotel-Copenhagen-denmark-bedrooms-1000x642

Probably a great weekender, rather than a business hotel.



I find most of the designs all rather similar, in varying degrees of kitsch, camp and cool in a very flat, two dimensional decorative renderings of three dimensional space. The rooms look cheep, uncomfortable, poorly executed and without the usual guestroom requirements. Still, it’s fun, a great idea and a great place to spend a night off your chops, regressing or escaping into a childlike la la land state.

0503 project fox

Can I please get a pillow?


My fave.

0503 project fox


Some pics from The Hotel designer website, the rest from booking sites

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