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setai miami 01

seatai h 2hj

The slick and sophisticated South East Asian Island resort style that Adrian Zecha of Aman resorts fame is known for, has been inserted into an eight story Deco hotel and forty story condo in Miami called The Setai. The Setai’s heart lies behind the refurbished facade of the Dempsey Vanderbilt hotel, a classic Art Deco building from golden age of Miami Beach. The tranquillity of the water, vertical elements, dramatic lighting and sunken lounges above reminds me of Amanyara Resort.

setai miami 1

setai pool

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setai miami 6

setai miami 8

Dark and cherry timbers mixed with bronze and rustic stone floors and walls are the backdrop palette for the repeated fine timber screens and spaces punctuated with Asian artefacts. There is a definite formality to the hotel spaces created by the rigorous symmetry, carefully staged lighting, axial pathways and drama of focal points, yet all the texture in the finishes doesn’t rusticate it.

setai miami 5

setai miami 7

Now this is a pretty rich and opulent buffet restaurant. The interior designer, Jaya Ibrahim is also responsible for some of the most innovative and much referenced, Asian-style resorts around, such as The Legian Bali and The Chedi Milan.

setai miami 10

setai miami 11

seatai h 2h

As is the case with most new build hotels, the exterior and interior of the Setai are completely discordant, as developers always split this between different consulting practices. This one is a very angular residential looking tower.

setai miami 12

setai miami 21

setai miami 3h

Serenity and sophistication.

Images from the Setai Hotel website.

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