inspiration: a week of skies

skies 2-sodishy-jcondon

skies 3-sodishy-jcondon

skies 4-sodishy-jcondon

For eons, mankind has been inspired by nature in creating art. As a nature-junkie, I am also inspired by the combination of colours and formations created by grand mother nature, both subliminally and purposefully when I design for the built environment. So today I am sharing with you a week of skies I have observed and photographed at Bondi Beach, my backyard. The second week of March 2014. I hope you enjoy as much as I did. The above pics were all taken today.

skies 10-sodishy-jcondon

skies 12-sodishy-jcondon

If I had a penny for every time a client as said they want a “wow factor”……It doesn’t get much more wow-ish than the ever changing play of light, contrast and colour created in sunrise and sunset. It certainly can’t be done with colour changing LED lights. Every colour and tone combination works in these shots, because nature is perfect, (I took them with my phone, so no fancy camera here).

skies 13-sodishy-jcondon

skies 16-sodishy-jcondon

skies 17-sodishy-jcondon

I love the subtleties of early morning light. The re-creation of such harmony of hue and tone, in an interior or in a film set, has no real prescribed creative formula or phenomenological science of perception to follow, but rather relying on gut instinct/intuition/talent to know “what works”.

skies 18-sodishy-jcondon

skies 1-sodishy-jcondon

The most fascinating thing for me about the phenomenon created in sunrise and sunset (every day), is that for a brief or extended moment, the observer feels elated, uplifted, enlightened or inspired by the grandeur of a fleeting experience generated by our sun’s light and matter in our earth’s atmosphere. This same wonder and excitement  has been artificially mimicked by pyrotechnics since the 7th century in China.

skies 5-sodishy-jcondon skies 6-sodishy-jcondon

skies 7-sodishy-jcondon

I am inspired by this phenomenon  to lift the human spirit and aim to generate similar emotional responses from patrons in spaces I design.

skies 8-sodishy-jcondon

skies 9-sodishy-jcondon

Photos by Justin Condon

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3 responses to “inspiration: a week of skies

  1. This post is awesome. I love the shots and how perfectly the sentiment is captured with your description. I totally agree.

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