southcape golf club



The beautiful sinuous curves of the Southcape Owners Club building in South Korea, really caught my eye. I initially thought there was an Oscar Niemeyer building I was yet to discover. Seoul architecture practice, Mass Studies clearly has the same love and understanding of non-radial curves, parabolic form and a talent for making concrete seem plastic and light, as Niemeyer. The texture and finish quality of the concrete is so beautiful, I initially thought the photos were renderings.

Southcape-by-Mass-Studies_dezeen_14 Southcape-by-Mass-Studies_dezeen_15

The golf clubhouse, which opened in November 2013 is wrapped in continuous canopies, (or eaves?) surrounding the perimeter of the building which wrap up, then folds down again as if created by the gradual erosion of water. The form hugs and responds to the topography of the hill on one side and embraces the expansive view over the sea on the other. The sensuous, space age curves unites the observer with visual continuity from one end of the building to another, in what must be a calming and uplifting feeling. It is as if the perimeter of the building is hugging the sky.

Southcape-by-Mass-Studies_dezeen_16 Southcape-by-Mass-Studies_dezeen_17


The minimalist treatment of the interior spaces, continues the seamless fluid journey within this sculpture, using a neutral palette of natural textured materials, which don’t distract one from the undulating voids within and stunning view beyond. I love the way most of the walls stop short of the ceiling, allowing the meandering ceiling to fold away beyond view and also allowing for discreet uplighitng.


Southcape-by-Mass-Studies_dezeen_8  Southcape-by-Mass-Studies_dezeen_4


Southcape-web 4

The resort also features a sophisticated boutique hotel (40 suites) and spa, as well as 130 privately owned luxury sea-view villas, with course designed by Kyle Phillips.

g10-ykk Southcape-by-Mass-Studies_

How sexy does it look at night!!

Southcape-web 2

One thing that does disturb me though, is the thought of the patrons in their gaudy chequered trousers disturbing the serenity of the minimalist design and view. Get me some blinkers.


Photos by Kyungsub Shin from Dezeen and the Club website.

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