Swine and Dine

Swine & co-2

In a former Bank of New South Wales, an art deco gem has been preserved and reinvented as a bar/deli/restaurant called Swine & Co. I love seeing heritage interiors survive and come alive for all to enjoy, and Melissa Collison’s design for the space has allowed the beautiful proportions and details of the original interior dignity, without being overwhelmed by new layers.

Swine & co-6

Pink Granite never looked so good, carved into smooth oval columns with dental cornices over the opening, which is framed with exquisite brass doors and clerestory windows.

Swine & co-4


The entry reveals the stunning volume adorned with typical deco symmetry of minimal combination of decorative motifs. The repeated chevron brass screens complement the timeless travertine cladding and Egyptian papyrus baluster posts hark to the 1930’s fascination for exotic ancient cultures. The huge pendants are restrained Deco in proportional perfection whilst mimicking the baluster post’s form.

Swine & co-5

The illuminated lines of mineral water bottles nicely caps the bar and respects the carved travertine dental friezes.

Swine & co-8

The much more intimate restaurant space has a sliver of mirror to catch partial glimpses in the room reflected and deco wallpaper. The exposed textured ceiling and services and fine suspended light bars, bring the space subtly into the 21st century.

swine butcher duoswine-and-co-function-venue-restaurant-2

dining room duo melissa collison swine & co

Swine & Co’s menu specialises in all things porky and comes to you from Urban Purveyor Group; the team behind other venues with unique ambiance such as Saké Restaurant & Bar, Ananas Bar & Brasserie, The Cut Bar & Grill, The Argyle, The Lowenbrau and Bavarian Bier Café, all in Sydney. Oink oink.

swine - upstairs - deli Swine & co-1

images from Habitus and Swine and Co websites.

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4 responses to “Swine and Dine

  1. Hi Jussie,

    loving these art deco pics – this is my favourite cafe in Hamburg


    It’s spring here and I am moving into a lovely old building today – can’t wait, got a new man, just got my work permit and residency, just need more work, am applying for stuff, have some freelance bit and pieces.



  2. Is that Angelina Jolie’s leg I see in the 3rd image?


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