Cool Copenhagen

Copenhagen seems to becoming the European hotspot for innovative waterside food venues, with a couple of restaurants sprouting from the success one famed two Michelin star restaurant Noma, run by chef René Redzepi and designed by Space Copenhagen. I will share 3 establishments, each housed within an industrial enclosure.

Noma has won the World 50 Best Restaurants award for Best Restaurant three years in a row, starting from 2010. It was very much about using the chunky limed rustic structure of the warehouse envelope as a raw backdrop for the innovative Nordic culinary delights and adding a tonal based organic materials palette of timber, grey hues, stone, leather, brass and linen. The mix is refreshingly light for those long, dark winter days with reindeer hide throws for a luxurious cosy Nordic feel.

Danish jazz musician Niels Lan Doky and former Noma co-owner Claus Meyer teamed up to transform a former Deco ferry building on Copenhagen’s harbour into a three restaurant, two bar plus jazz club complex the Standard  in Copenhagen late last November. The abundance of natural light could have been the driving force behind the easy, muted scheme of teals and greys, softened further with random plants and curvaceous Haiku sofas. The Standard’s Art Deco headquarters were designed by Kristoffer Nyrop Varming in 1937 and have now been restored by the architect’s great-grandson Søren Varming of Punktum Design. Nice storey!

The third, Amass Copenhagen was contrived by former staff of Noma. At his restaurant Amass, located in a repurposed shipyard in the harbour area. Again, a neutral and light palette with contemporary furnishings and exposed aged beauty, is used so that all the focus can be drawn to the vibrancy of the food. They boast seasonal produce, some of which is grown in the garden in front of the building to inspire the menu. The restaurant’s open layout, merges the dining room and kitchen into one, is the result of a collaboration between Sofie Brünner and Jakob Gubi of Danish design house Gubi.

Images from Wallpaper and Nordic Design

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