crevice of light

The Recently completed G9 restaurant in Shanghai, is a giant crevice of space illuminated by a fluid and fluctuating light installation and artwork.  The dramatic triple height space by Architects Atelier IND is within a luxury department store, Lane Crawford, and features a massive site specific art work by erotic British Artist, INSA. This collaborative piece sees the 956 lights of the installation merge with the art work.

The space, with ecclesiastic proportions and qualities, is very much about the chiaroscuro of light a dark, as the sophisticated finishes of blackened steel, concrete, brass and more black, create a subterranean gorge which is focused on the spectacle of transient light above and beyond. A place of worship? A 22m long brass table defines the long cut of space, acting as both banquette table and runway. From a VIP upper dining platform, patrons can play God and are invited to engage with the light installation and art piece using a 3D depth sensing camera with the ability to control the speed, brightness and pattern of the light with hand gestures. Amen!

Photographs: Bono Yan

Images and info reblogged from Archdaily

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