Puyu in Wuhan

China is fast becoming the destination for luxury designer hotels, with the latest, The Puyu, in Wuhan from bespoke brand Urban Resort Concepts. The uber contemporary clean lines and rigorous and restrained use of a refined natural finishes palette is as sophisticated as it’s sister hotel, The Puli, in Shanghai. All of the Brand’s properties exude a sense of understated luxury and elegance, with the soothing subtleties and accents of a resort environment.

On the back of the success of the Puli Hotel, Urban Resort Concepts engaged Layan Design Group from Melbourne to create a similar feel for the Puyu. The formal Chinese symmetry and rhythm of repeated architectural elements is carried through so all spaces have a dramatic impact and cohesion with each other. Local cultural and historic references are prevalent in furniture and finishes, with a focus on contextual artifacts rather than contemporary art.I think it is the repeated parallel vertical lines along with the warm materials that create such a calming sophistication, in a similar way to designers, Jean Michel Gathy and Kerry Hill of Aman resorts.

The guestrooms continue the same neutral finishes in high contrast tones and detailed with anal precision as the public spaces. Such beautiful and serene spaces, it would be hard to leave.

Urspa and the pool are minimalistic, pristine enclosures with the stone walls creating a secure mausoleum like retreat from the hectic polluted world outside. Palladian proportions and rhythms with modernist execution, perhaps unconsciously play a part in calming the senses with a slow visual syncopation the ancient Mediterranean cultures surely understood.

Images from Tablet and Puyu websites

Photography Marc Gerritsen

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