got 25 hours?

Ok,. . . .  let’s leave refined sophisticated hotels on the top shelf for now, whilst we take a look at eclecticism on steroids at the 25Hours Hotels. Life is all about rich and varied experiences, so why not ram one day choc a block full with a cornucopia of colour and movement, where only 24 hours just wont cut it! So, leave your troubles at home, your mind open, and pack your bag with party rags, and come with me on a journey where this young boutique brand has 7 vibrant hotels in the German speaking bits of Europe with lotsa’ surprises.


In 25hours Hotel’s own words, 25 Hours “….aims to develop to a brand associated with individuality, authenticity, zeitgeist and nonchalance….design is ostentatious, sexy, cheeky and never dead serious. Our design is unconventional and inspired by its location……Design for us is not only an attractive appearance; moreover, it is the expression of our attitude towards life, our communication and philosophy….. Our design is influenced and molded by art, culture and stories…….”

Above 25 Hours Bikini Berlin by Studio Aisslinger

25hours Hotel Zurich West never takes itself too seriously and shows what the city has to offer other than banking, chocolate and watches. Zurich-based designer Alfredo Häberli embodied the hotel tongue-in-cheek humour with a truck load of style for keepin your eyes busy and stimulated.

The 25hours Hotel Vienna plays with the dreams and sensations associated with the world of the circus.  It is surreal, surprising and sexy; a place that plays with fantasies and the exotic. Here, the lines between imagination, reality, space and time are blurred.

Fun, fun and more fun! 25hours Hamburg and Frankfurt rolled into one. With this retro fruit salad of ‘share-house homeliness, do you really know where you are anyway? Don’t act like you’re not impressed! I need a good nap after this colour and movement. Where’s my hammock?

Images from Design Milk, 25Hours and Pinterest

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