living now with Citizen M

This is the way of the future for new hotel brands targeting peeps seeking vibrant and meaningful stay. Tagged as “Select Service” in the hotel industry, CitizenM has embraced this concept to give the mobile citizens of the world ‘more for less’ and cut out unnecessary hotelesque formalities, in order to provide guests with a funky atmosphere at an affordable price. The CitizenM latest offer in Times Square NY counts 230 rooms of approx. 14 m2!.That’s compact. If you’re in a great city like NY, how much time will you spend in your room?

The design is founded on the belief that a great bed, a rain shower and an all inclusive social space is all you need during a city pleasure or business trip. In their own words, “We realise that when at home you mostly use the bedroom for sleeping and hang out in the living room and kitchen instead. So we cunningly designed our lobby to feel like a comfy, inviting and homely living room instead…….Absolutely no trouser presses, bellboys, or other tired old hotel clichés.” guests also check themselves in and out.

But they do also have 24hr food, a rooftop bar, yoga terrace and gym, so there isn’t too much you will want for. The rooms are very compact, with pod showers but this makes the wall2wall beds look even more generous. Each room has a Samsung MoodPad tablet for control of the entire room, (TV, window blinds, temperature, coloured lighting, and wakeup alarm themes) – No more staggering around in the dark looking for your the light switch to find your undies. The luggage rack is a drawer under the bed! Look out for the boogy man.

citizen M gf citizen M fp

Concrete Architectural Associates designed this new NY addition to the Dutch based group with 6 other hotels in Europe. Every bit of floor space on the ground floor is utilised for the variety social settings which give personality rather than feeling cluttered.

Drawings courtesy of Concrete Architectural Associates.
Photography by Adrian Gaut

Images from The Contemporist and CitizenM sites

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