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Alila Soori 01

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Alila Soori 02t

Following on from my last serene post, I feel I must gently ease into an exquisitely relaxed built environment within a calm natural setting with sunset views. I have long admired the clean lines of Alila Soori Villas. The forty-eight villas on southwest Bali, are pure sophistication, aesthetically simple, with a strong tendency towards large open undefined spaces, seamlessly blending the indoor with the outdoor and back again.

Alila-soori-02 Alila Soori 8

Carefully framed views and contemplative vistas are clearly the planning principles to ensure every part of the guest’s journey within the complex is a architecturally orchestrated special moment. Good resorts are all about vistas and the journey within, I like their brand concept statement; “Alila Hotels and Resorts offer stylish, relaxing environments with surprisingly different lifestyle concepts and guest experiences that are continuously redefined by the latest developments in design and living. The Alila Experience is centred on building unique “emotional moments” between the guest, the hotel and destination.”

Alila Soori 9w Alila Soori 11 Alila Soori 13

Alila Soori is designed by Singapore-based SCDA Architects, Alila Villas Soori is an inspired expression of contemporary Asian architecture that blends seamlessly into the rice fields and coastline. Alila manages 15 unique hotels and resorts in India and the Asia Pacific region. The hallmark of Alila is stylish, relaxing environments and superb hospitality that creates a unique guest experience, continuously redefined to reflect the very best of a contemporary lifestyle.

Alila Soori 14 Alila Soori 26

The Warm greys of the interiors create a subdued respite from a hard days drinking cocktails by one of the pools. The repetition of the fine vertical screens has become a signature detail marking transition zones.

Alila Soori 27

The local volcanic stone ages really quickly in the warm and moist, tropical climate and grounds the modernity of clean surfaces and vertical screens. Instantly calming entry.


Alila Soori 33

Alila Soori 35

Alila Soori 9g

Great ceiling detail.



ululwayu alila

The landscape is undramatic and calming, with serene views of the coast and the lush and rolling distant hills everywhere else, the tranquillity is this property’s edge over its edgier and more famous sister Uluwatu, also in Bali. Above. You’ve seen images of her before. A real magazine Moll.


Alila Soori 02

Images from Alila Soori and Mr & Mrs Smith sites.

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