split personality

Very few hotel’s skin has any synergy with the interior experience and this is certainly true of Goli and Bosi Hostel in Split, Croatia. The yellow glow in the windows of this classical façade gives away the dramatic contrast that is the interior. Which is just as well, as I think one needs to be prepared for the screaming chrome yellow continuous surfaces throughout. The same treatment of all surfaces either being crisp white or yellow must be disorienting.  I find it interesting this overpowering interior is considered “minimal” because of it lack of detail, ornamentation, artwork or any decorative devices, as in Zen spaces by Pawson or Ando. Yet yellow is an unsettling and active colour that shifts and vibrates in spatial perception. Another duality in this Split personality.

Studio Up transformed this former department store into a boutique Hostel for the brave owners. It is joining the ranks of other new hip lifestyle hostels such as Generator and Mama Shelter to transform the budget end of the accommodation market. Whether it be a marketing tool or contribution to the contemporary urban fabric, creating a uniquely designed hotel creates a buzz and generates strong memories for her patrons. Do these yellow spaces flatten or become infinite? Does it linger in the retina when eyes are closed? What is it like to wake up with a hangover at Goli & Bosi? Croatia is certainly on my bucket list.

Images from Goli & Bosi Web & Pinterest

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