the press club

The new Press Club in Melbourne embraces intimate dining with a contemporary Hellenic style designed by March Studio. Perhaps the origin of the food influenced the seafaring aesthetic but in a 20th century bent – a luxury super yacht? The streamline, low leather booths, the elongated porthole-style window, rock maple tables and ever ominous gold glowing globules over exudes Mediterranean luxury designed, for a compact vessel. The most is made of the modest 150 square metres using booths, as it negates the need for space between backs of chairs, whilst creating secluded pods.

The ceiling is a well orchestrated services engineering coordinated exercise in the creation of field of intentional and luminous beauty. March Studio lowered the 5.5-metre ceiling to just over two metres, enhancing spatial intimacy. The black edges and deep reveals, set the drama for the metallic shimmer. Apparently the idea for the ceiling came from observing how oil congeals in a frying pan creating gem like organic blobs – the Astrocan effect but in amber gold monochrome.The space oozes the suave and sophistication of a Riva Yacht on roids, leaving every other vessel in awe of it’s superb wake.. . . . . there”s an idea for a post.

Images from urbanspoon and Riva webs

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