riva dreamin’

My previous post on the maritime lines of the Press Club has led me to this post, singing the praises on the superb styling of the Riva Yachts. Once upon a time a Riva speed boat slid past me whilst I was kayaking on Sydney harbour and I was seduced. The bow of the vessel lifts elegantly out of the water like a DS Citroen taking off, her deep throttle hums like a double bass as she glides past and the wake left behind is a trail of beauty. At the Marina, the Riva will always stands out, no matter what sized model it is, as the finish, the timber, the chrome, the detailing and the lines speak of refinement and exquisite Italian craftsmanship.

For 170 years, four generations of the Rivas have been building boats, starting with Pietro Riva on Lake Iseo, in Sarnico, but it was his great grandson, Carlo Riva whose passion for design and perfection, alongside architect Giorgio Barilani created the beautiful timber Ariston, the Tritone, Aquarama and the Florida, which soon became objects of desire for aristocracy and movie stars. Anita Ekberg, Brigitte Bardot, Sofia Loren and Sean Connery all owned one. With the acquisition of Riva by Ferretti Group, in 2000, the heavy responsibility of maintaining the iconic design integrity was entrusted to Officina Italiana Design.

Riva remains a synonym for elegance and luxury in nautical circles. A brand where the eccentricity of passing trends does not have the upper hand, but rather long-lasting quality, painstaking care over detail, that touch of glamour which underlines the correct balance between tradition and modernity. Its not just the styling, there is just something special about how a Riva arrives, sounds and then departs, leaving its unmistakably elegant wake as a memory… . . . .

Images from Riva Website

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