“Don’t Roll your eyes at me sunshine, or Ill give ya loins” my art teacher said to me first art class in grade 8. Sounds better than the cane, I thought. In design and architecture we use line, slats, slots, stripes, bars and rods often as a subtle device to create rhythm, syncopation, texture and spatial perception of scale, often in combination with other complex geometry or finishes. And when lines are used as one of the primary architectonic drivers, it creates relaxing and soothing sophisticated environment’s, as in the case with Kerry Hill’s signature style…..Or dynamic as in Calatrava’s work or Utzon’s Sydney Opera House.


But sometimes they create a much more frenetic energy, as with the case of Auriga Bar and Restaurant by Sanjay Puri Architects in Mumbai. Here the restaurant is lines with timber slats in seemingly random angular dimensions, with the club below clad in aluminium to catch the disco lights, to create a complex spider web to get lost in and party away.


Pak Loh is a traditional, Hong Kong based family restaurant specialised in Chiu Chow style Chinese food. It’s been around for 45 years and decided to renovate the restaurant’s public entrance area. The driving forces of the space is the  75 parallel, continuously undulating, curvy bamboo fins. These are combined with parallel mirrors on opposing walls, enlarging the space and the subtle curves to blades gives it a machine like feel.

Images from Archello and Pinterest

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