Structure and order – le meridien zhengzhou


A new hotel from neri hu design and research office for Starwood under the Le Meridien label exemplifies the importance of an artistic experience and journey for guests, the brand is committed to. The façade is a series of floating, stacked and cantilevered frames with subtle shifts of green tinted glass that could easily pass as a guise for a commercial building. The fine stick forest portico blurs the usually well defined hotel entry statement, diffusing expectations that this could be a standard crisp business hotel. The dramatic height of the lobby and other atriums throughout the journey, along with the rigid orthogonal geometry, creates a formality which is sidelined by the juxtapositioning of classically Chinese and unexpected materials. Namely the old bronze, crisp white, sedimentary rock and dramatic lime green.

The precision of minimalistic form and detailing with strong spatial definition, offset against organic materials such as tree trunks and pebbles, is what one would expect of a Japanese influenced rigour, perfectly anticipated in a gallery environment. The inspiration for the scheme is meant to be form local caves, which I can see in the main lobby with rectangular cut outs in the sedimentary stone clad wall.

Stay tuned for a post on the restaurants and rooms.

Images from Archdaily and Designbloom

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