restaurant and bar design awards 2014 – part 1

The 2014 Restaurant and Bar Design Awards winners for 2014 were announced this week (25 September 2014)  at London’s Old Truman Brewery. It is a truly international design awards with entrants and shortlisted from all over the globe. Keeping an eye on entrants in these awards are a great way to see what is trending (that word is so 80’s) in interior styles for food and drink venues and lifestyle spaces.

Rather than share with you the winners, I am showing you my Shortlist of the shortlisted. The cream Baby! This post is the first of the series, as there are 214 shortlisted to sieve through…’s hard work!

There is a refreshing mix of styles and lots of intricately detailed and heavily accessorised textured styles. Generally a lots of escapism with venues that are stage sets of exotic destinations or stylish retro gone by eras. Bring on the theatre I say!

And my faves for awards so far are the last 3 pics above and the ones below.

Images and credits from the Restaurant and Bar Design award website

stay tuned for part 2

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  1. Hi Jussie,

    I am back in Melbourne – just staying with my sis at the moment till I get myself sorted. Will give you a buz to catch up

    hugs Helen xx

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