Eco Beach – Far Away in Time

I have just returned from 3 magic days staying at Eco Beach Wilderness Resort set amongst the pristine and untouched Kimberley coastline in north Western Australia, just over an hour’s drive south of Broome. But why drive when you can fly there in twelve minutes? It is an amazing place to unwind after discovering the inland beauty of the Kimberly region. It really feels miles from anywhere. You can do as much or as little as you like. Go on a nice long walk to the sculptural cliffs of cape Villaret, kayak, paddle board, go on a fishing charter, nature watching or just hang by the pool, or in a beach hammock.

It’s not all about the destination, but also the journey there. The scenic flight takes you over the waters of Roebuck bay, where the tidal variance was 10 metres, the day I left due to the full moon.

Being an eco resort, it sits very lightly on the earth. They generate and store their own solar power, pump and filter water from the natural water table below, and grow 80% of produce for the restaurant. And, there a no TV’s – Hooray!!!! For accommodation options you have 25 Eco Villas, 30 safari style glamping Eco Tents and 2 houses to select from, all interlinked by elevated “Eco Deck”(from recycled car tyres) board walks, (So the sand drops off your feet before you get to your room). I chose the glamping tent, so I could feel closer to nature, where the design, by Eco Structures Australia, affords flexibility of privacy, ventilation and views. It’s a great modular, prefabricated system. There is also a function centre with free yoga each morning and the restaurant with beach views is a delight. I recommend the Red Emperor dish!

The unique landscape is the country of the Yardoongara, Yawuru people, the aboriginal custodians of the land. With middens around Cape Villaret dating to 3100 years old. And evidence of existence of aboriginal people along the coast from 27,000 years. (That’s a fair bit before the Egyptians or the Sumerians)

The resort founder and owner, Karl Plunket loves the area so much, he designed, project managed and built the resort twice. The first resort was completely decimated in 2000 by a cyclone and the current one rebuilt in due process  in 2008. I can see why the Yaruwu people  and the owner of the resort loves this country, as I didn’t have time for a massage, as I was busy exploring the amazing coastline, kayaking, paddle boarding or lolling about in a beach hammock with a good read. Love the sculptural cliffs and the “Mini Bungles”. Truly a place to completely Zen out.

My stay was made extra special by a blood, full moon lunar-eclipse, as I walked back along the beach after sundown. Calling for a bottle of champagne upon my return to Jacks Bar. (The warm staff make it all pretty special too). Oh take me back in a hearbeat!

Water marked photos from Eco Beach website. All others by Justin Condon.


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