sculpture by the sea bondi 2014

The annual Sculpture by the Sea was launched last week in Bondi, and its a great collection. I am showing you the ones that spoke strongly to me. The free public event has been running since 1997 and also has yearly shows in Cottesloe, Perth and Arrhus, Denmark. It is an amazing opportunity to be inspired by creative 3-dimensional expression set amongst nature’s beauty. The Curators chose a very iconic piece, “Save Our Souls” by Cave Urban for the point of the headland, which commands totemic presence when seen a kilometre way from North Bondi. I wonder if it was inspired by the land diving towers of Pentecost island Vanuatu – the spiritual birthplace of bungy jumping? And do you think there could be a skin cancer message in the giant frying pan by Andrew Hankin?

Great to see a lot of works that responded to the context of the environment and engage with the immediate site, overall landscape and the unpredictability of being subject to the weather, and the effects that has. There are many awards given, but I am always interested to see what wins the people’s Choice Award and the end of the show. Representational pieces of animals or humorous ones are always popular.

The pieces that work well with reflections, refraction and shadows in the changing light conditions are most enjoyable as you can view them at various times of the day for multiple effects. I recommend going early, (6am) or at sunset. the crowds are not so bad then either. There is much to be celebrated about the materiality and textures of the works.The Grounds of Alexandria have done a great job of creating a temporary rustic café shack that looks as though its been there forever, cleverly referencing their main venue.

Photos By Justin Condon

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