chillin at the mangrove, broome

A few weeks ago I had a few nights to kill in the Western Australian Resort town of Broome, (dreadful right!), and I am really glad I chose The Mangrove Hotel. Not only is it one of the few resorts within Broome with water views, but it is in it’s in its final stages of a complete makeover by Id By Mono from Perth. The crowning glory is the Bay Club restaurant and bar with superb views of the over the dramatically varying tides of Roebuck Bay, and a luxuriously relaxed Seminyak vibe.

I was planning to go back to Cable Beach for the famous sunset over the ocean, until I checked in and thought…..”Nah…swim and a few G & T’s right here”. There is a great mix of furniture styles for lounging about, well spaced apart, so you can hang in a different spot each time and enjoy the view. This piece of paradise is once again becoming the place of choice for the locals to hangout too. I do wonder how long the white pieces will stay white with all the red earth around?

The rooms are spacious and fresh with punches of colour and outlooks over the pools and Bay Bar. (So you can people watch if you want).

Photos by Justin Condon

Also check out Eco Beach, just south of Broome

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