On capturing yesterday

So often a place reignites a memory or personal association of a time and place for us, whether contrived and intentional by the designer or coincidental by the viewer. So many hospitality interiors these days deliberately invoke a place of times gone by in order to take patrons into a theatrical experience. Cynthia Breusch’s recent show of paintings at Lethbridge Gallery does just that.

Her textured works on Belgian linen hark back to frozen moments from home super eight movies with saturated acidic colours and blurring of time with masterly brush strokes. The slightly awkward “hand held camera “compositions are perpetually ephemeral, I can almost hear the clicking of the projector.

Edison Bar in Downtown LA is one such place, like Cynthia’s works, recreates memories you never really had, and takes you to an era and location you cant quite place. (Check out their cool website). It’s rustic textures, painterly surfaces and sepia tones (almost set designed) by Andrew Mieiren are like being in an old photograph set in some opulent industrial underworld. Time has slowed down just a bit.

Photos from Lethbridge Gallery and Pinterest

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